Home is where the hArt is.

Coming home after being away is marvelous. Besides the drag of having to unload all your stuff again, do the dishes, clean the laundry, scrub the house, take a very hot shower, wash your dog, reorganize the refrigerator, re-color your hair, remove the half-left-over nailpolish off your big toes, and feed water to your plants, coming home is wonderful. Here are a few highlights of my recent coming home experience:

1. Sleeping in my own bed.

2. Taking a shower in my own bathroom.

3. Dancing/posing sexily in front of the mirror.

4. Wasting time on the internet.

Photo sources:  http://miniature-pinscher.net/miniature-pinscher-sleeping-in-bed/ (Miniature Pinscher), http://www.superstock.com/stock-photos-images/1538R-49967 (Super Stock), http://www.ebaumsworld.com/user/comments/H0sten/ (eBaum’s World, http://www.onthisdeity.com/7th-april-1969-%E2%80%93-the-birth-of-the-internet/ (The Birth of the Internet)


One thought on “Home is where the hArt is.

  1. lxmwords

    This was so funny. It’s true, there are things, even the little ones, that we most enjoy when we are in our cozy homes. Thank you for reminding me that.


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