Art Without Art Spaces

A hard part about being an artist is finding the right space to do so in. Rehearsal space, space for making things, space for thinking about making things… all these things are needed but space is limited and to have space you have to have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Artists have to become increasingly creative in the ways that they find space to make things in. This is why Site-specific art work makes more and more sense. Not only does it bring itself directly into the public sphere, not contained in a traditional art space, but it also saves big coins in the wallet, if you know what I mean. As space is limited, I feel pushed to search for a new means of creating artwork that does, indeed, fit outside the box.

Image Sources: (Galleries and Wineries in Santorini), (Prague Warehouse), (Robert Smithson’s “Spiral Jetty” in the Great Salt Lake), (The National Theatre of Scotland and Grid Iron’s production of Roam, performed at Edinburgh airport.)


2 thoughts on “Art Without Art Spaces

  1. Michael

    Just read an article about the “At Work/Au Travail Collective” who encourage artists to reconsider their day jobs (or “shitty jobs” as they put it) as artist residencies. The airport production reminded me of that.

  2. emiliajavanica Post author

    This is great, Michael. Thanks so much for sharing! What a great idea- I always felt most inspired artistically when working shitty jobs like being a waitress and housewife’s personal ‘errand’ assistant.. Perhaps it’s true that the more we suffer, the more great ideas emerge. PLUS, it becomes less about making art for art’s sake, and more about making art in the face of everyday reality. Which is better? I’m not sure, but I definitely like what the Au Travail Collective is doing/encouraging. Here’s a link to their website for those who are interested:


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