Children make me happy. And they remind me that I once was a child too. Once, before I transmogrified into this adult body which I find myself in now…

I made some of my most amazing artistic discoveries as a child. I loved art because it gave me the opportunity to express myself in a way that nothing else did. Through art, I could let my imagination run free.

Children’s art is amazing because through their eyes we rediscover the world again for the first time. Because we once drew those pictures, too. Even if we’re no longer artists.

All children are artists.

And their artwork, while not always beautiful, is honest: coming straight from the heart. With a little bit of encouragement, children make art without barriers, without being shaped by others’ opinions, without doubting their own ability to make art in the first place.. They just MAKE ART. They just make it. And then they put it up on the wall for the world to see, proud of what they did.

Adult artists struggle to recreate playfulness in their work all the time; to be free to express is not so easy when you’re an adult.

STRUGGLE. The definition of struggle in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition; to proceed with difficulty or with great effort..

When you get in a room full of children making art, their ideas are endless. They have the idea, and they go with it. They are less concerned with the product of their artistic endeavors, and more with the physical action of hitting the brush to the page, of gluing the yarn, of blending the colors, of telling the story…

Is it the development of artistic technique that kills the essence of our work as adult artists? Or is it society that shapes us to slowly lose our childhood touch?

Perhaps it is a combination of both.

No matter where we are as artists (with or without technique), we can’t forget that ART is about PLAY. It really is. It’s not about struggling to make a painstaking diagram that maps the future of humankind. It’s about expressing what we see, in a different way, and sharing it. And it can be FUN. ART can be FUN. That’s a mantra I have to say over and over again to myself. Not just that art CAN be fun, but that art IS fun. ART is FUN. It feels good to say it. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. Isn’t that what you thought as a child? ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN. ART is FUN!

LINKS: (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) (The Fridge) (Museum of Ancient and Modern Art) (Marc Portier’s Photostream) (The File Cabinet of Curiosities) (Funkor Child Art Center)

4 thoughts on “The Art of BEING A CHILD AGAIN!!

    1. emiliajavanica Post author

      I apologize for misposting your image- that is indeed the danger of blogging and posting found images online. I did provide the link where I found the image, however didn’t realize that it was not the original place as they didn’t give any further information. I’ve updated the link, however if you’d prefer that I remove your image I’d be happy to do so. You might consider changing the settings in your Flikr site so that people can’t download them if you don’t want the images used- that seems like the best solution to protecting your images. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. mportier


        I’m perfectly ok with the proper referencing, and I _will_ change my flickr settings but only to make clear that the image is available through cc-by-nc-sa.

        That makes it clear I’m ok with the way you are using it here (including the attribution that is) It will also be more in line with what I think the common feeling for proper web usage is anyway.

        You shouldn’t be stressed about using it, but we should all do an effort in proper referencing the source 🙂

        kind regards,

      2. emiliajavanica Post author

        Thanks Marc, I appreciate it. That was one of my earlier posts in blog world, and I think I’ve gotten better at referencing things since then. Always good to be reminded!! It’s a great image, by the way- is it yours/your child’s?
        best wishes,

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