How to artfully make your dog look like an idiot.

I think I’m more excited about dressing my adorable chihuahua Jay Jay up for Halloween this year than I am for myself. There’s just something about dressing a dog up in a silly costume that is absolutely HILARIOUS. And the funny thing is, I never thought I’d be much of a dog dresser until I had a dog of my own.

Jay Jay in his favorite mohawk hoodie sweatshirt.

I grew up with chihuahuas. And I was exposed from an early age to the art of dog dressing. Chihuahua dressing, in particular. My Mom was so good at dressing up our miniature chihuahuas Edna and Lucy and taking photos of them that she won several awards at the County Fair for them. Here are a few of her best dressed dog pics:

Edna Mae as Santa Claus.

Lucy Potter.

Lucy sporting her trendy gray hoodie!

If I ever were to make an Etsy or online craft business of my own, it would be a dog clothing business. Because dog clothing: 1) takes less fabric than regular people clothing, which means it costs less to make; 2) offers lots of room for creativity in finding all the many ways you can make your dog and other people’s dogs look ridiculous; and 3) can be sold for high prices. People are suckers for anything ‘dog’. I mean, come on, look at all the puppy calendars. Look at the dog bags. Look at the dog car stickers. Look at the dog psychics and dog masseuses. Look at everything ‘dog’, and then tell me that a dog clothing business is not a marketable endeavor. PLUS, look at the PRICES for dog paraphernalia. You can charge twice as much for a dog jacket as you can for a human one. And do you know why? Because there are way more human jackets than there are dog jackets in the world. In other words, the market is still in need of creative dog clothing innovators.

Anyway, in my search for dog Halloween costume ideas, here are a few memorable dog costume examples that I’ve discovered on the internet in the process:

The Star Wars Costume.

The Big-Eared Sailor.

The Teddy Bear.

The Michael Jackson.

The Dinosaur.

The Darth Vader.

The Clown.

The Scuba Diver.

The Incredible Hulk.

The Dog in Drag.

The Captain Hook.

The Grandma.

The Chia Pet!

The…. Lady in Braids. (poor dog!)

Have to stop.. posting dog costumes. I could do this all day! Now, to seek the most original costume idea for Jay Jay… What are some of your favorite dog costumes? Please share!!

Image Links (My amazing mother’s photography website!) (AT-AT Dog Costume) (Darling DIY Dog Costumes) (Good pet costume contest!) (Dogs Dressed as Michael Jackson) (doggie dinos!) (Snoop Jingle Jing) (Halloween Costume Prize Winners) (Dog Costumes) (Very Cute Halloween Dog Costumes)


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