Ghosts of Halloween Past and Future

Well it’s Halloween again, and despite the fact that it’s one of my most favorite holidays, I’ve opted to dress up in costumes at home this year rather than brave the cold chaos outside. My husband and I set up a photo studio in our apartment and took some pics of our impressive costumes. Here’s a few of them here:

Lilik models as an Underwear Terrorist

Me as Betty the Bedrudged

Last year I actually went to a Halloween party, the theme of which was Dictators & Natural Disasters. I ended up dressing up as a Dick Tator, and carrying around a suitcase full of hot tator tots ready to eat. Here’s the pic (unfortunately we didn’t set up the photo studio last year, so it’s not the best, but it’ll give you the idea, anyway :

Dick Tator

And then there’s next year… What might I dress up as next year? Here are a few ideas I’m pondering:

The Black Belt Sanitary Napkin

The Hula Dancer

Yip-Yips (with one other person)

Three Little Pigs & a Wolf (with 3 other people)

Giving Birth to a Husband Costume (?!)

Wow. I don’t think I can top that one. Impressive! And weird.

Happy Halloween to those of you celebrating!

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