The Art of Saying No

The number one biggest challenge of being in grad school is managing time. The open slots when you think you actually have some time to work on your thesis project often are threatened by invitations to dinner parties, art openings, meetings, movie screenings, costume parties, last-minute get-togethers, etc. etc. etc. It’s not that I don’t love all the beautiful people who are doing amazing stuff. And it’s not that I don’t want to go to many of those events. BUT, in order to graduate, I also actually have to get work done. And if I keep filling my work time up with time I have to spend running around trying to make sure that everyone knows how much I love them, the work I have to do is NEVER GONNA GET DONE.

I was inspired in a moment of procrastination today (the other threat to ever finishing my thesis) with an article in tiny buddha ( titled “It’s Okay to Say No”. Here are the opening lines of this encouraging (and guilt-freeing) article:

Sometimes I feel immense pressure to do all kinds of things I don’t want to do. The reality is, I often put this pressure on myself. I think about the things I should do. Or the things I think I should want to do. Or the things other people might expect me to do.

And all this thinking can drain me—before I’ve gotten a chance to do anything. This is basically choosing to create anxiety where there could be peace and joy. It’s wasting precious time, feeling conflicted, restricted, and full of angst. (for the full article, go here:

Now that I’m working on learning to say no to things that I just don’t have the time to do, I need to work on how to say no to procrastinating. Does it ever end??!

Here are a few short clips of inspiration on how to say NO:


Image Link (Saying No to NO! Wait..what?)


One thought on “The Art of Saying No

  1. David Lin

    lol!! excellent additions of scrubs, office, and vader. I say no to my fellow grad students all the time. It makes me wonder how they’ll ever finish their theses…


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