More 80s Nostalgia

I can’t help but be nostalgic about growing up in the 80s, especially now as it moves further and further away. I remember getting my Stepdad to buy me a L’Trimm album when I was 7 years old in 1988. I loved that cassette. However, my mom wasn’t so excited about her 7-year old listening to songs about cars that go BOOM, or moreover the boys inside the cars that make it go boom, and ended up taking it away from me until I was older… Looking back on it now, I can see what she was saying, but I gotta say: those girls ROCKED. Sassy, funky, influential female hip-hop artists whose first album Grab It!!, which included Cars that go Boom was released before they had even turned 18 years old. In my opinion, a pretty impressive accomplishment to expose your 7-year old daughter to, whether it includes a bit of tits and ass or not.

View it for yourself and make your own decision:

Cars that go Boom: L’Trimm (Lady Tigra and Bunny D)


Another favorite of mine was Vanilla Ice. The 80s Eminem? Not sure, but his hit Ice Ice Baby sure was cool when it was released in 1989.

Ice Ice Baby: Vanilla Ice


And then there was Mr. T., who apparently since being a big star has given up all his gold and is now a born-again Christian. I can’t help but remember him as the tough, weird-haired dude who sent moral messages out to kids just like me in the 80s.

Treat your Mother Right: Mr. T


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