Inspiring Art Installations

I’ve been working for the past couple of weeks on an art installation, and through the process have gained new respect for artists who create interactive environments for their audience to explore and respond to. Below are some of my faves:


Ernesto Neto

Griya Kulo: Thousands of Pigeon Feathers

Cakeland in Oakland

Leandro Erlich: Swimming Pool

For Use/Numen: Tape Installation

Pipilotti Rist: Video Installations

Maurizio Cattelan

Louise Bourgeoise

The Creepy Hamburg Water Woman

David Cerny: Look into the Abyss

Spencer Tunick

And now, off to finish mine!!!

Image Links: (for some reason I’m having trouble connecting the link, so I’m afraid for most of these you’ll have to copy and paste until I figure it out.) (Ernesto Neto Art Installations) (Art Installation with Fluid Concept) (Cakeland- Sweet Art Installation- Oakland) (WTF? Art Installation- Swimming Pool) (Tape Installation) (Great Art, Outdoors, on Buildings, in Moscow) (Contemporary Art Magazine) (Maurizio Cattelan) (Sculptor & Artist, Louise Bourgeoise) (The Creepy Hamburg Water Woman Photos) (Look Into the Abyss) (Spencer Tunick) (Spencer Tunick: Installations)


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