The art of singing cheesy holiday songs badly at the top of your lungs

Dear readers,

Hello! Forgive me for lagging on new post updates. As I’m sure you all know, this time of year is a busy one.

Christmas songs are now being played everywhere for the holidays. I’ll say it straight up that I am NOT a big fan of being subjected to constant holiday cheer, and even furthermore being forced to get cheesy Christmas songs literally stuck in my head for days on end. Just like it drove me crazy when my Grandma used to sing “It’s a Small World After All” as a joke to get it stuck in our heads (she lived around the corner from Disneyland), it drives me crazy just as much to be forced to have “Frosty the Snowman” stuck in my head because the coffee shop thought it would be dandy to get their customers into the holiday spirit for the ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER.

On one particular evening recently in the grocery store, however, as I was scooping lettuce and tomatoes into my shopping cart, I caught myself singing along to “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer” as it blasted over the store speakers, as if I was *gasp* enjoying it! Of course I immediately stopped, embarrassed, and looked around to make sure that nobody was watching me. It’s one thing to be forced to listen to the constant holiday cheese, but it’s another thing to be caught in the act of unconsciously enjoying it! I clammed up quickly, and avoided eye contact at all costs.

But once I had purchased my bags of groceries and headed out to the car, as if in an act of derangement, I let loose and sang cheesy Christmas songs as loud as I could for the entire drive home. And it was AMAZING. Really, it felt so good. And I sang them badly, and I changed the words, and I made them dirty and rude at times. It was great. Because sometimes, instead of always rejecting the cheese, you have to just give up and embrace it. Not to say that you have to run out and join the community choir today, unless that’s your inclination. But to say that anywhere, at any moment, you too could take all those songs you’re desperate to avoid and instead sing them like they’re the best dang songs that you could ever be singing in December for the holidays. Sing them over and over again, and if you wish, sing them badly. Change the words to fit your own holiday experience. Use your facial expressions. Sing them to someone you love or hate. Just sing them!!! At least once. Even if it hurts. Because sometimes embracing the pain is the best thing you can do to let go of it. And for me, on that one particular night, it felt great to let my frustration about the whole holiday mayhem out by singing “Little Drummer Boy” at the top of my lungs as badly as I could in the privacy of my very own car.

In celebration of rebelling against the cheesiness by embracing it full-force just a little, just for a moment, I’ve collected a few of my favorite cheesy Christmas song videos to share with you. Feel free to pick one of your choice and sing it in a moment of holiday frustration.

Del Rubio Triplets: “Winter Wonderland”:


Bing Crosby: “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”:


Alvin & the Chipmunks: “Christmas Don’t be Late”:


John Denver: “Little Drummer Boy”:

Image Links: (‘Tis the Season) (I Remember This Feeling) (Screaming Kids!!)


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