The Accentuated Body: artistic creations of another self

Some of my faves:

Lucy McRae & Bart Hess: 

I would include every single one of Lucy McRae and Bart Hess’ amazingly fabulous body sculptures, but instead you should most definitely visit Lucy McRae’s website here: The image link below also has many other fantastic examples of impressive body architecture.


Big Mouth Body Paint Costume:

A brilliant example of the body accentuated with a little bit of body paint.


Hyungkoo Lee, Objectuals Series:

Hyungkoo Lee is an artist who lives and works in Seoul, Korea. More info and examples of his work can be viewed here:


Clarina Bezzola: 

As described in Stamp Gallery, where Clarina’s work was exhibited in a solo exhibition titled Structure: Clarina’s unconventional garments, in her own words, “question and redefine the role of the garment. Wrapping the body to reveal instead of conceal.” A Swiss performance artist, Clarina Bezzola currently resides in New York. View her impressive website here:


Louise Bourgeois:

While most of Louise Bourgeois’ amazing sculptures were not wearable sculptures, nearly all of them captured elements of the the body in various ways, many of them grotesque. This is a picture of the artist in the ’70s in her ‘performance costume’.


Mette Sterre, Long Tongue Sally:

Mette Sterre is a performance artist I recently became acquainted with who creates astonishing costumes and installations. For her piece “Long Tongue Sally”, Mette strapped a real cow tongue to her face- an amazing accomplishment for a vegetarian. To see Long Tongue Sally in action, view it on Vimeo here: Also do be sure to visit her website:


Emilia Javanica (me!), Buoj iz Jeb:

A character I often play, named Buoj iz Jeb, has a naked body that he flaunts for various occasions- particularly through is work as a Professional Figure Model, and in other occasional escapades including a Swimsuit Modeling session. His body is made out of a nude bodysuit, cotton, foam, steel wool, nylon and a couple of golf balls. To view a video of this particular performance, go here: You can view more pictures of his activities on my website here:, and here:


IMAGE LINKS: (Lucy McRae and Bart Hess) (Costume Fail) (Hyungkoo Lee) (Clarina Bezzola’s Structure) (Farewell My Lady) (Mette Sterre & Inge Aanstoot)


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