Garage Art Quickie

Hi there! This is a semi-quick post because I have to PACK!!! My husband and I are preparing to move from our current apartment (where we’ve lived for three years) to a rental house five blocks away. Distance-wise, it’s a piece of cake. Furniture/packing-wise, it’ll be a drag of course. But space-wise, it’s going to be AWESOME!!!! While the house itself is not that much bigger than our current apartment, new added features include a two-door garage, and giant backyard. Not to mention no-one living above or below us. There are two things that I’m most excited about, and that’s the backyard, and the garage. 2-door garage = art studio. My husband and I are both artists, and the prospect of having a private space that we can turn into our artistic hub is SO EXCITING!!!!!!!! We can’t wait to move in, arrange things, and get creative.

So, for this brief taste of inspirational art smoothie, I’m posting some cool garage-converted-to-art-studio pics that I found on the web. Once we’re settled in, I’ll share a pic of our own!!

The Art of the Garage Art Studio:

There are so many possibilities!!! That said, I need to keep packing. There’s nothing like a little bit of random garage art inspiration to get the wheels turning.

Image Links:

“Art Studio”
Mid City Garage Studio
Step inside the studio of designer Keith Scharwath & writer Alissa Walker
Two-Car Garage Turned Art Studio
Allied Seahorse
Wonderful Garage Door Art
James Marshall.
Movie Magic: Backyard garage turned into lavish Home Theater
the garage-in-the-alley theatre
of a garage theater, lighting rigs, the future and kids
Garages Beyond the Ordinary
The Garage- Charlottesville’s Most Intimate Venue


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