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Moving Forward

The question is where to live, but it’s not an easy question to answer. Where is the money? The money. Anything we do, we need $$$ to survive. And shelter. And food. And a nice comfortable bed. And a backyard. And crochet. And a line to hang the laundry out to dry in the summer when it’s warm out. Time to be creative. Creative. Because being creative is my job.

It just doesn’t always pay the bills.

Today it is warm with a breeze. All the graduates were in their gowns, their parents in MDen t-shirts excited to be part of something. The kids are living their parents’ dreams. Graduates. To have graduated. To have accomplished something. To hold a degree. To have a dream. A dream to survive in the world by doing what they love. Feel passionate about. PASSIONATE.

Compassionate for others. Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, or for the environment, or for animals, or for plants, or for something in the medical division… or something.. Wanting to achieve something. Anything. As many times possible. There is possibility in dreams. 

And then taking the steps to get there. One step at a time. Two steps at a time. A half step backward. Two steps forward. One step to the left and then one half step to the right. Left right left right. Forward backward forward backward and to the left, to the right. Forward back forward back.



Letter to Myself (one year ago)

Dear Future Emilia,

How are you a year from now? Today is April 10, 2012. Has the world already come to an end next year? Hopefully not, so you can read this.

Right now I am in the end of thesis & GSI hell, and look forward to getting out of it. On the bright side, I feel better about my work than I have since Cornish in Seattle. I’m curious to know what a year from now looks like creatively. Hopefully more opportunities have come, and you/I are happy. Hopefully Lilik too.

I’m wondering how far in the future the babies will be popping out. Hopefully not yet. What about Indonesia? Is a return on the horizon? Hopefully so. Maybe by now  you’re rich and all loans have been paid off.

Big hugs to you, you creatively awesome diva of humorous inclinations. Remember that you do, indeed, rock.

xoxo Emilia


Cardboard Theaters


The Puppet Theater of Cardboard City.


Untitled Vaudeville Models constructed by Annie MacDonnell and Rob Shostak (2006).


Vesnin’s cardboard model for the Kamerny Theatre’s cubo-futurist production of Phedre.

Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater


Cardboard stage with bird earrings.


Cardboard set design for “Only If Romeo Knew”.


A fantasy metropolis by Exquisite City.

Howl's Moving Castle, Southwark Playhouse.

Theater in an underground tunnel.

Aesop-Fables-Set (1)

Aesop’s Fables stage set (2006).

Image Links:


She was a masquerade

So I’m still going through my old journals, reconnecting with some of my earlier creative ideas. There’s some good stuff in there!! Lots of writing, lots of sketches, lots of beginning ideas. The next few blog posts will probably be dedicated to things I discover along the way.

Here is a short poem I found, written on Equinox, 2004.

She was a masquerade
Her headdress of

Nails to match
and eyelids

She wore her pink

She was a shell bomb
Ready to shell-bomb
you all
outa here
“Hello Mr. Fox”,
she’d say
“Can I lead you astray?”

She was a mean

She was a clock
with no tock
She laughed
like she was

She knew how to
shangle with
the jangle

Yes she was that
kinda woman

A woman with no rules
a put-em in a box
and throw them over
kinda girl

Yes, she was.

Titties a poppin’
knees a boppin’

She moved her hips
like Shirley Temple
with her curls cut off

Shirley Temple, Ca. 1941

And added to the next day..:

She was practicing her kickboxing moves
When the phone rang.

“What do you want?” She breathed into the receiver.

“I want your body. I want your mind.” He breathed into the other end.

“Go to Hell.”


She was almost finished.
Just one last
and a

Guns for Art, Not Violence!!

America has a serious gun problem. It’s sickening. And scary. Why do these terrible shootings keep happening over and over again? I’m so sad for the all of the families who have lost their loved ones to gun violence. I don’t even want to imagine how it would feel if it happened to mine. Gun laws need to change, and the crazy people who try and protect them should share responsibility for the deaths of so many innocent victims. What is wrong with you, America??! There’s so much terrorism inside your very own walls.

I’m dedicating this Art Smoothie blog post to guns being used for art as opposed to violence. The act alone of putting guns in a different context, and suggesting that they don’t just have to be shooting machines, acknowledges that guns do not have to = violence.

1) Church Made of Guns & Ammo:

2) Victor Hugo Zayas:

3)Peace Art Project Cambodia:

4) Chanel Gun Shoes:

On the reverse side, another interesting concept is to make guns from other, non-harmful materials..

5) Bone Art:

6) Crocheted Guns:

7) Seed Guns:

8) Bacon Gun:

9) Edible Guns Made of Ice:

What America needs to do, is recycle the old guns for art, and make new ones that are artistic, creative, interactive, and bring people together as opposed to tear them apart.

Image Sources:
1) Church Made of Guns and Ammo
2) Gun Sculptures
3) Peace Art Project Cambodia
4) Chanel Gun Shoes
5) Bone Art by Francois Robert: Stop the Violence
6) Crocheted Guns
7) Seed Guns
Seed Guns 2
8) Bacon Gun
9) Edible Guns Made of Ice