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The art of writing a dream version of everything

I’m working on writing a teaching philosophy for academic teaching job applications, and it’s been a struggle to capture my ideas and passions for teaching in a quaint little job application package. There are lots of things that I love about teaching, but to sound professional and feel confident while doing it makes the blank page glaring at me on the computer screen not as welcoming as I would like it to be.

I remember a drawing project we did in 3rd grade where we created imaginary dream houses. There were no rules, and the teacher encouraged us to think beyond the impossible. This was my favorite thing to do in the world.

I don’t remember exactly what my house looked like, but I remember it having

A flying car:

A rope swing into the abyss:

A cloud bed:

And a swimming pool with mermaids:

What I loved so much about the dream house was that it had endless possibilities. Anything I felt passionate about could be crafted visually together into one fantastic drawing that I hung up on the wall and felt proud of. The most fabulous thing about it was is that I truly believed that my imaginary dream house could come to reality.

In my dream teaching philosophy it doesn’t matter if I get the job or not, if they’ll call me in for an interview or not, if they’ll include benefits and relocation fees or not…. My dream teaching philosophy is an imaginary wonderland of fantastic learning and growth. Here are a few of the parts that are essential:

Lots of laughing:

Phenomenal artistic creation:

A few tear-jerking moments:

Collaborative thinking and group inspiration:

And a learning experience that makes everyone hungry to come back for more:

Sometimes writing the fantastical, DREAM version of serious writing requirements can help free the burden of HAVING to write something, and make it more FUN. I hope that this blog post will motivate me to have more fun with my academic writings and job applications. I hope it will motivate you, too!!!

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Why anything where I have to try and explain myself gives me a headache.

There’s something about having to explain myself in a concise set of words that gives me a headache. I can never quite manage to choose the right words that succeed at wrapping my whole life up into a pretty little bow. I suck at it. Fitting into the bow, I mean. Oh sure, I can explain myself. In millions of different ways. But choosing one set of cohesive words, all spelled correctly, that encompass my whole self? I don’t think so. That’s nearly impossible. The statement of my life is like a mood ring- it’s always changing. One day it’s purple, the next it’s black. Somedays I can’t even tell what color it is, let alone be able to explain it.

Ho-hum. If only I could explain myself in a song. Right now? What song would I pick, you ask?

No, I’m just kidding. This is the right one:

MIA is awesome. Love her funkiness.

And thus you see how my mind wanders.