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A Tribute to the Most Horrendously Fantastic Oscar Outfits

Dear readers both old and new,

Greetings! It has been quite some time now since I’ve blessed you with my amazing blog posts (*wink wink*). For the past multitude of months, I’ve been working on my MFA Thesis Project (*gasp*), which is a silent horror film about the RED BLOB. To learn more, please go here: http://redblobmassacre.wordpress.com/.

The main reason for this blog post is because tonight I am live streaming the Oscars on my computer. It’s a splendidly strange experience. I haven’t watched the Oscars in a couple of years, but surprisingly, it hasn’t changed much. Still the same people, with some new ones too, prancing around in beautiful (and not so beautiful) gowns and uber tuxedos. Impressive.

Watching the Oscars, I can’t help but imagine what I might wear to them. I think I would probably be the type to go for one of the horrendously fantastic outfits, the ones that people snicker about on the mass media for weeks and weeks to come. The people who stand out as a bit… ODD.

Here are some of my favorites (disclaimer: I’ve changed the names to what I see appropriate):

The Rosy Boob Outfit:

The Animal-Friendly Outfit:

The Psychic Pajama Outfit:

The Skinny Ballerina Outfit (this is my favorite):

The Red Over-Glamour Outfit

The Seductively Charged Outfit

Rather than just point out the outrageous Oscar outfits that already exist, I’m going to top it up a notch and make some predictions for possible outrageous Oscar outfits for the future. Here they are:

Geometric Mod:



Seductively Hairy:

I understand that so far I’ve only paid attention to mostly women’s outfits in this blog post, which is primarily what the media focuses on. For that reason, I’ve included a few more male ideas here:

Denim Good Boy:


Beer Sex Idol:

Furry Splendor:

Orange Suburbia:

I hope that in the years to come, the Oscars outfits will get more and more outrageous. I think the world deserves to see pretty people in horrendously fantastic outfits. In fact, the world needs more people wearing horrendously fantastic outfits period. It makes anything more interesting.


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