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The Art of the TV Dinner

I don’t eat tv dinners a lot, but once in a while you just gotta give it up for a quick and easy meal. My favorite is Amy’s Kitchen- tamales, veggie loafs, mashed potatoes, Chana Masalah, enchiladas… Yummy nummy. At the supermarket, if you’re going to Meijer’s, for instance, the biggest section in the store is the frozen dinner section. How can you not spend hours there trying to decide on which tv dinner to buy? The choices are neverending. To be a successful tv dinner salesman, you’d probably make a lot of money coming up with the most creative tv dinner. If I were to create my own concoction, here are a few ingredients I might include.

Recipe for the Artistic TV Dinner

The Miraculous Sweet Potatoe.

Mother of the rooted vegetable, this curvy creature brings a healthy mix into the artistic mix. Peel her sexy skin and steam her up and you’re started with your tv dinner.



In case you didn’t already know, Carob plants are planted by bats. They eat the Carob Tree Pods and spit out the seeds. And the Coyotes? Well, the coyotes are known to disperse the indigestible Carob Tree seeds in their feces. It is an essential part in the Artistic TV Dinner to ingest our animal instincts. Being one with our animal ancestors puts ferocious energy into our tv dinner bodies. Toss a few baked carob seeds into the mix.


A strand of hair from Mother Theresa’s Head.

One strand from the Blessed Mother’s head and you will have love-giving inspiration for life. Cut the strand up into centimeter-long pieces and sprinkle it into the mix.


A Pound of Salt.

Nothing tastes good without a mouthwatering pound of salt. Throw it on top of the mix.


And there you have it! The perfect microwaveable tv dinner. Sit back and relax, turn the tv on, and indulge in the plentifulness.


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