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Yoga with Emilia

Being one with nature calms my artistically frizzled self

Today I spent a day in nature. It was nice. It was beautiful. It was relaxing. It was definitely needed. I must spend more time in nature. That’s a pact.

I do spend time in nature, only it’s always at the same park a ten minute walk from my house that has two short trails, swingsets, gardens and a few picnic tables with barbecues. Not that that is bad. I LOVE that park. But, today I went beyond my usual park routine and drove a half an hour to a genuine (and large) Michigan recreation park to go on a hike and swim in the lake. It was amazing. I needed it.

I feel like if I spent more time in ‘real’ nature, I might be a less frizzled artist type who thinks and tries to do too many things at once, stresses out (that’s the grad student type), and is generally not enough of a genuine spiritually relaxed yogi one-with-nature type. BUT- when I’m in nature, I feel great. I get it. I enjoy. I take things slow. I look at the trees and butterflies. I breathe deeper. I have new fresh ideas that aren’t rushed or overly stressified. I feel good.

Upon my return home, I went back to the internet, back in front of my computer, to search for spiritual nature videos on youtube. Perhaps if I’m not actually in nature in the flesh and bone, I can channel the spiritual relaxed nature energy right here on my electronic device. And sure thing, there are plenty of nature videos on youtube!! I have chosen a select few to share with you today on my wonderful Art Smoothie blog. Please enjoy them, and be one with nature too. That is, if you’re not already out there in the flesh and bone.