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What do you think horror means for feminism?


Today my short horror film Red Blob Massacre was screened at a student-organized feminist fair at the University of Michigan. After the screening, there was a question and answer period. One of the questions asked was:

What do you think horror means for feminism?

It was a difficult question to answer. Sometimes I’m not even sure what feminism means. Sometimes I have a hard time answering difficult questions like that on the spot. So, I gave the best answer I could. Thinking about it afterward, of course I always think I could have said something better. Why didn’t I think of this in the moment? Oh damn, I should have said that…

My answer in the moment was, in a somewhat jumbled way, that I think the grotesque of horror allows anyone, male or female, to release something that is pent up inside. it’s an outlet for violence and anger, and also for insecurity. With females portrayed as being such beautiful/pure/perfect people in the media, perhaps horror is the juxtaposition of that. It’s the bloody of the feminine….

What do you think?

Image source:

Terror Cult: The Pains of Being a Gal, Flowering


Guns for Art, Not Violence!!

America has a serious gun problem. It’s sickening. And scary. Why do these terrible shootings keep happening over and over again? I’m so sad for the all of the families who have lost their loved ones to gun violence. I don’t even want to imagine how it would feel if it happened to mine. Gun laws need to change, and the crazy people who try and protect them should share responsibility for the deaths of so many innocent victims. What is wrong with you, America??! There’s so much terrorism inside your very own walls.

I’m dedicating this Art Smoothie blog post to guns being used for art as opposed to violence. The act alone of putting guns in a different context, and suggesting that they don’t just have to be shooting machines, acknowledges that guns do not have to = violence.

1) Church Made of Guns & Ammo:

2) Victor Hugo Zayas:

3)Peace Art Project Cambodia:

4) Chanel Gun Shoes:

On the reverse side, another interesting concept is to make guns from other, non-harmful materials..

5) Bone Art:

6) Crocheted Guns:

7) Seed Guns:

8) Bacon Gun:

9) Edible Guns Made of Ice:

What America needs to do, is recycle the old guns for art, and make new ones that are artistic, creative, interactive, and bring people together as opposed to tear them apart.

Image Sources:
1) Church Made of Guns and Ammo
2) Gun Sculptures
3) Peace Art Project Cambodia
4) Chanel Gun Shoes
5) Bone Art by Francois Robert: Stop the Violence
6) Crocheted Guns
7) Seed Guns
Seed Guns 2
8) Bacon Gun
9) Edible Guns Made of Ice